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DO IT! collective

Graphic Design and Events

DO IT! collective ran regular audio-visual events in Aberdeen, UK and Oslo, Norway from 2008 – 2011 . During this period, the collective also travelled to perform shows in Denmark, Finland, Romania and Spain. The concept started with the aim of presenting a visual and electronic music experience for each night. Events included DJs, VJs, live acts and hand-made collectables for attendees such as CDs and prints. The collective had almost ten members,  mostly graphic, product and sound designers.

Previous guests include: Ikonika, Mweslee, Rustie, Offshore, VKTR, fLako, Pursuit Grooves, Olan (All City Records), Sprutbass, Dorian Concept, Bobby Brazuka, DJ Woo, Auntie Flo, Telephones, Mother North, Beatbully, Tobii, Inko, Rewolmer, Timber, Leif + Alida, Lamplighter, Studio Cee, Proviant Audio,  Am$trad Billionaire, Indian Red Lopez, Put Your Hands Up For Neo-Tokyo, Tom Wilson, Halvor Bodin (VJ), Cupofill (live illustration), Vixen VJs